iPhone 5s Screen Replacement

The iPhone 5s is one of the newer models on the market, but also the most delicate and easy to drop, due to its smooth, thin design. A lot of people do not like to put a case on their iPhone 5s as they think that it ruins the sleek look, but unfortunately this leaves the phone vulnerable to a lot of damage.
The iPhone 5s screen consists of the glass panel, digitiser and LCD screen, which are all bonded together. This does mean that if one part of the screen breaks, the damage is likely to spread and the whole screen will need to be replaced.
During the screen replacement, we will take the iPhone 5s apart and replace the display assembly and the glass panel, digitiser and LCD screen. As we replace the full screen, we are able to change the original colour of the screen to the colour of your choice (black or white).
The whole process of repairing the iPhone 5s screen only takes around 30 minutes, but if you cannot wait this long, we offer a call-out or courier service for your convenience. As all the parts we use in our repairs are of a high quality, we offer a lifetime warranty.

It’s often the case that a smashed screen can continue to function - many people continue to use their phone after they’ve cracked or smashed the screen of their iPhone 5s. However, our advice is to get the screen repaired or replaced as soon as you can. Although the screen may function, you run the risk of dirt particles or liquid gaining access to the inner workings of the phone through the cracks in the screen. This can cause a lot more damage so it’s best to deal with the screen issue before it creates any more implications. Get in touch with us and here at Electroclinic we can carry out an iPhone 5s screen repair or replace the screen while you wait, or you can post it to us to repair and send back.
I dropped my iPhone 5s in water - how can I minimise the liquid damage?
First, we need to debunk a common myth around this topic: putting your phone in rice doesn’t help! The dust can actually get into the casing and cause more damage. The best thing to do is to turn your iPhone 5s off as soon as you can, remove any case to give the device more chance to dry out, and leave it for a couple of days. Don’t be tempted to turn it on during this time as the current could cause a short circuit and further damage. After 2-3 days, try it - if it works, congratulations - but be aware that corrosion from your phone’s dunking could cause problems weeks or even months later. If it doesn’t power up or there are any faults post-liquid, contact us here at Electroclinic. We’ll be happy to take a look and see if there is anything we can do to rescue your iPhone 5s.
How much does it cost to replace the screen on an iPhone 5s?

In the UK, Apple charges £135s.44 for iPhone 5s screen replacements (without AppleCare+). With AppleCare+ you'll be charged £25s. If you decide to replace your iPhone 5s screen at a trusted hi-tech repair shop, like Electroclinic, you can save over £40, with our prices starting from £29.99

Which iPhone 5s Screen Replacement is Right for You?
The newest Apple smartphone, the iPhone 5s (and iPhone 5s Plus) debuted on September 19th of this year and one issue, in particular, has prompted click here iPhone 5s screen replacement. Within the first weeks, users who had previously been on the edge of their seats with anticipation were suddenly on the edge of confusion and frustration. Both iPhone 5s models could bend with amazing flexibility. Shortly after, this phenomenon became known as “Bendgate,” users would pocket their brand new iPhone 5s or iPhone 5s Plus and later find an indented or broken smartphone.
Were you one of the unlucky users who bent or broke your new Apple device out of the gate (the Bendgate, that is)? If so, you probably found yourself in need of iPhone 5s screen repair. Because the screen was not quite as willing to bend as the case, and that led to shattering or spiderweb cracks. Or maybe you simply dropped your iPhone 5s in a freak basket weaving accident.
You’re in luck! We have isolated the service options for iPhone 5s screen repair based on cost and other crucial factors. Check out the options below.
iPhone 5s Screen Replacement Cost Based on Service Option:
By Apple Store
With a bigger screen than ever before, the iPhone 5s screen replacement cost is also bigger than ever. The out of warranty expense is £299 for an iPhone 5s replacement, as most Apple stores do not replace just the screen but rather the whole smartphone. For the screen replacement service alone it’s £109, or £79 service charge under the Apple Care + warranty.
By Electroclinic
Electroclinic is equipped with the most common parts in stock so that iPhone 5s repairs are quick and painless (usually less than 24 hours). The cost of replacing your iPhone 5s screen by Electroclinic is affordable and ensured with a warranty on parts and service.
Using an iPhone 5s Screen Replacement Kit
Because the iPhone 5s model is so new, it’s very difficult to find an iPhone 5s screen repair kit. Like its predecessors, it will eventually have a standard kit on the market (probably around £5s0-70) with all of the tools and parts needed to complete your cracked iPhone 5s screen repair. As for now, if you decided on DIY glass replacement, you will have to find the correctly sized display replacement and utilize tools from other DIY smartphone repair kits.
How to Replace iPhone 5s Screen (A DIY Guide)
It is recommended to leave the iPhone 5s glass replacement to professional technicians. While many steps are similar to the glass replacement of the iPhone 5ss, much is still not known about this generation of device. It risks further damage to your phone as well as puts yourself in danger to attempt a DIY repair if you do not know what you are doing. If you want to proceed at your own risk, here are the steps to follow:
Power off your device. If the screen is frozen, power off with a hard reset – pressing both the home and power buttons.
Locate the dock port and the twin screws on either side. Remove the screws with a 5s point (pentalobe) screwdriver.
Press a suction cup onto the screen just over the home button. If your screen is cracked or shattered, you may want to tape over the screen prior to suctioning.
Pull up on the suction cup to displace the screen. There will still be cables running between the front display and back panel at the top.
Swing the display up to a 90-degree angle with the back panel and notice where the two are still connected.
Locate the metal shield covering the display cables. Remove the five screws holding it in place. (Note: The iPhone 5s series only had four screws. Apple has added a screw in the middle of the metal shield.) Then set aside the shield and screws.
Two flex cables are revealed beneath the metal shield. Dislodge each of these gently, revealing a third. Dislodge the third one, revealing a fourth. And finally, dislodge the fourth cable.
The front display should now be completely free. You may need to disconnect a few components to install in the new front display, such as: the touch ID sensor, the home button assembly, the earpiece, the front-facing camera, and the heat shield. The easier way is to purchase a front display with new versions of these components already attached.
Reassemble the iPhone 5s in reverse order of disassembly.
If you are not confident in your technological abilities, it’s best to avoid a DIY iPhone 5s glass replacement. Instead, rely on experts like those at Electroclinic. Simply visit any one of the many Electroclinic locations and talk to a certified technician. An estimate of the repair is free and could save you the hassle of disassembly or trying to figure out if you are covered under your Apple warranty. In addition, the work done by Electroclinic and the new display parts will be covered under a limited lifetime warranty – giving you unbeatable peace of mind.


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